Wheat and Sea Collective


Robin & LAura MAE

Robin was born and bred on the Saskatchewan Prairies.
Laura WAS RAISED In the Nova scotiA SEA AIR.

Together they form WHeat + Sea Collective

A Few Words About


We wanted to create a company that offers Apparel and accessories with a feeling of home, community, fun, and belonging.  we love to give back to our local charities and support others across this beautiful country.  We will continue to partner with other artists and foster local initiatives.



Co-Founder - Creator

I grew up in the small town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Most of my vivid memories are from my summers there that seemed to stretch on and on. As a kid, I would get on my orange and white bmx (the coolest bike ever) and head to the outskirts of south hill and explore these fields. My childhood dreams are made of those scorching hot and always sunny summer days.

When Laura and I chatted about what we wanted our apparel company to stand for, a sense of community, home and belonging, we decided to honour our roots through our name. I am the prairie to our wheat and sea:) I always say the endless horizon and rolling wheat fields remind me of the sea.

My whole fam... mom, dad, my brother, awesome sister-in-law and their amazing ‘kids’ are still there and they even live 4 doors away from eachother. My heart will always be there. Miss them a lot but it makes me feel good that they are healthy and together.

I represent the Wheat half of Wheat + Sea Collective.

Laura Mae

Co-Founder - Creator

Growing up on the East Coast of Canada comes with a ‘forever’ feeling that sticks with you no matter where you end up in the world. There is something about the ever lasting effect of the sea and the salt, the rocky shores and the rolling hills, and the down to earth, real people that put a stamp on your heart. A Stamp that never goes away.

ANd I married a prairie boy who returns to manitoba every spring and Fall to help with his family farm. I am so grateful to have been introduced to those Prairie Sunsets over the fields of wheat. You can take the girl out of Nova Scotia, but you can’t take Nova Scotia out of the girl!
I represent the Sea half of Wheat + Sea Collective.


We strive to give back and support our local community and communities across this beautiful country.

Accessible & Inclusive

We believe our differences make us stronger and acceptance brings us together.


Searching for collaborations and supporting local initiatives.


We source products and manufacturing that complies with our values and our love for the planet. We use WRAP certified manufacturers.